Roundtable 2020

16th Annual SOVA Roundtable
Lake Norman, NC  at The Peninsula Yacht Club

Join us to explore:  "What are the Pirates that Sabotage Our Goals?"
What are the many things that can attack - sometimes unbeknownst to you until too late -sabotaging your efforts and keeping you from reaching your goals?
SOVA calls all Southeastern symphony volunteers, guilds, and leagues to join together for inspiration, sharing, learning, fun and camaraderie!
Join us for SOVA's 16th Annual Roundtable:
"What are the Pirates that Sabotage our Goals?"
Wednesday and Thursday, October 21 and 22, 2020
*early arrivals' activities on Tuesday, October 20th
Peninsula Yacht Club on Lake Norman, NC
Cornelius, NC

To develop strategies to help defeat and or navigate these waters when
         faced with such things as some of the following . . . and more!

  • not providing or consulting job descriptions/goals
  • details are not seen to
  • lack of follow through 
  • wrong person in the wrong job, not that person's strength
  • checking to see if your fundraiser is legal 
  • doing it all yourself 
  • personality types or individuals "toxic" to your efforts
    • not working together as a team
    • naysayers
    • "tried it before and it didn't work"
    • "we've never done it that way"
    • dropping the ball by not doing their part nor holding up their end of things
    • and more . . .
  • apathy
  • overcommitment
  • burnout
Take home tools and strategies on how to avoid a shipwreck . . .
  • investigate
  • plot your course
  • follow through
You can probably add even more so come join us, let's discuss these pirates . . . and rout them!

2020 Roundtable Keynote Speakers Coming Soon!